One way to harness the robotic talent of Australia is to deploy it towards solving national challenges. Several Roadmap co-chairs developed challenges specific to industry sectors that could lead to step-changes in how technologies are applied in these sectors. These challenges could be used to fast-track the development of robotic technologies in Australia.

(Underground) Mining Disaster Response Challenge
1-day Apprentice / Innovation / Multi-functional kit
Biosecurity Challenge - Pests and native species management
Aged Care and Hospitals Challenge
Remote Medical Access Challenge
Urban City Challenge
Natural Disasters Challenge - First Respondent
Agriculture Challenge "Daisybot"
Bushfire Challenge
Great Barrier Reef Challenge

Defence Development Plan

Defence Development Plan Summary

The following table breaks down capability streams by function, program, active development years and investment range, with a narrative specific to robotics, computer vision and trusted autonomous systems, and with reference to the relevant Integrated Investment Plan section.

Defence Development Plan 1
Defence Development Plan 2
Defence Development Plan 3
Defence Development Plan 4