Service robots have a key role to play in addressing societal challenges such as demographic change, health and well-being, transport and security.

Australia’s services sector is critical to its overall economy. The term ‘services’ applies to all activity in the Australian economy...

Distribution services is a broad sector encompassing retail and wholesale trade, transport, logistics, IT, and communications...

Social services are non-market services – either provided free of charge, or with significant price reductions...

Producer services are the most valuable of Australia’s services, worth $AU369 billion of Australia’s GDP...

Personal services are those consumed mainly by individuals and households. They include services in tourism, hotels and restaurants...

The utilities sector encompasses essential services that underpin modern society, including electricity, gas, water, sewerage, and...

Construction is worth $AU124 billion to the Australian economy (7 per cent of GDP) and employs 1.16 million people...


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